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                        ALT-AUTO175 Face Mask Machine
                        ALT-AUTO175 Face Mas…
                        Folding machine with double face adhesive tape
                        Folding machine with…
                        ALT-680 Nonwoven Beach Pants Machine
                        ALT-680 Nonwoven Bea…
                        ALT-HX300 Camber Shape Glove Machine
                        ALT-HX300 Camber Sha…
                        ALT-AUTO-YX210 Fish Type Mask Machine
                        ALT-AUTO-YX210 Fish …
                        ALT-210-H Fish Face Mask Making Machine
                        ALT-210-H Fish Face …
                        ALT-100 Cleansing cotton machine
                        ALT-100 Cleansing co…
                        ALT-150 Cupping Glove Machine
                        ALT-150 Cupping Glov…
                        Zhangjiagang Alt Machinery Co.,Ltd
                            Zhangjiagang Alt Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in the economically developed, the national health city - Zhangjiagang City, strategic location, and Shanghai, Nanjing phase, South soil Suzhou and Wuxi area, close to 204 National Road, water and land transportation is very convenient.......
                      1. Non-woven folding machine
                      2. Mattress (pet mat) machine
                      3. Rewinding punching machine
                      4. Masks body machine
                      5. Ear spot welding machine
                      6. Shoe cover machine
                      7. Cap machine
                      8. Sleeve machine
                      9. Complex machine
                      10. Slitting machine
                      11. Other nonwovens equipment
                      12. other devices
                      13. Glove machine
                      14. Strong production strength——Sufficient inventory to ensure delivery

                        The main products for the mask machine series, surgical cap machine series, Xie Tao machine series, folding machine series, Slitter series, complex machine series, sleeve sets of machines, gloves series of other non-woven equipment.

                        Excellent quality

                        The company has always pursued "quality first, the credibility of the first" business purposes, and constantly respected“
                        People-oriented, leading technology, service-oriented "modern enterprise management philosophy。Improve technical talent, update production equipment, create new products is our pursuit of the goal。

                        “Customer first "service concept and action——Is the reason why many customers choose AlT

                        Alt will always be at the forefront of the modern market, fearing new competition, accepting new challenges, becoming your satisfaction and trustworthy partner!

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